Get Reimbursed in 2019 for Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management

CMS recognizes the critical role of remote care in contributing to better health and care for individuals. Providers operating under the Medicare Fee-For-Service Program can bill for the following new codes:

  • CPT 99454 —$69 Technology Reimbursement for Remote monitoring of physiologic parameters


  • CPT 99457 —$54 Clinical Review of Remote monitoring of physiologic parameters.

  • CPT 99453 — $21 Initial Setup  & Education of Remote monitoring 

  • CPT 99490-99491   $42—$74 Chronic Care Management Monthly Reimbursement


  • G0511            —$65 Increased reimbursements for RHC/FQHC’s


Reduce Costs

We help implement new systems and technologies integrated seamlessly into existing work flow and processes. 

Increase Efficiency

We are experts at showing organizations how to combine clinical knowledge with more automated work flows to increase overall revenues.

Improve Patient Outcomes

We can show you how to save time and money, while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Improve Provider's Work Life

The principal driver of physician satisfaction is the ability to provide quality care.


Population Health


Remote Patient Monitoring

Chronic Care Management

Health Plans and Risked Based Organizations

Hospitals and IDNs



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