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The Wheeler Group has over two decades of successful experience dealing with and implementing new technologies to increase revenue and optimize patient experience.

Modern Telehealth Integrations

When providers have a higher capacity to care for patients, more patients receive care and stay healthy, and the health system benefits from increased profits from additional patient visits.

Prior to the pandemic, just 14% of Americans had tried telehealth at least once. Since the coronavirus outbreak, that number has increased by 57%, and for those with a chronic illness, the number has increased by 77%.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Our team gives you the modern tools to remotely monitor patient health from home remotely. Our goal is to provide healthy – and happy – patients, both critical measurements for the long-term success of any healthcare practice. Healthier patients are our top priority, but the revenue opportunities cannot be ignored.

The average practice can generate $490,617 extra revenue per year. There is no upfront or ongoing cost of equipment, and you can begin billing within days of sign up.

Increase Operating Efficiency

We are experts at showing organizations how to combine clinical knowledge with more automated workflows to lower overhead cost.

Grow Additional Revenue

Through the use of innovative technology solutions, we open up additional revenue opportunities for you and your business.

Improve Patient Outcomes

We can you how to save time and money, while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

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“Thanks to The Wheeler Group we were able to streamline our workflows and gain real time data into our patients health.”

Kyle Killit

“Hands down the easiest consulting team I've ever worked with. Knew their stuff, no fluff.”

Sergie Kalashnikov

"Through our work with The Wheeler Group we were able to decrease our overhead by 22% while delivering the care our patients expect from a top clinic."

Bryant Chou