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We help healthcare organizations achieve their triple aim: reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve care quality by improving work flows


We specialize in applying new and evolving technologies including population health platforms while combing additional services around telehealth, remote patient monitoring, disease management and other new technologies


We have over two decades of hard won experience dealing with and implementing new technologies and regulations


We are experts at showing organizations how to combine clinical knowledge with more automated work flows to provide better outcomes, both clinical and financial for everyone involved. We help implement new systems and technologies integrated seamlessly into existing work flow and processes. THE RESULTS – We can show you how to save time and money, while improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Clients include technology companies and health organizations: Health Plans, Medical Groups, Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Home Care, DME Providers and self-insured employer groups. 

Health Plans

Including all risk-based organizations: ACO's, SO, IPA/TPA


We have interoperable solutions that allow your provider network to be more efficient and deliver better outcomes for your members. At the same time, these same systems gather more data facilitating increased reimbursement for all P4P and quality programs programs including HCC, HEDIS, MIPS.

We can also assist you in the analysis and implementation of data for the development of care plans for groups and/or individuals. These can have a complete virtual care platform including a telemedicine network including a teleconferencing component to help providers collaborate the care with remote clinicians for those patients in underserved rural and even some urban locations as well in the home. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is growing in assisting management members with chronic diseases.


Population Health


As the industry moves to newer population health, accountable care organizations and the merging of various healthcare organizations, we have knowledge to assist in all aspects of integrating and implementing new programs.




We can assist any organization to implement a wellness program and other cost saving efficiencies to help better manage the health and wellness of their employees. 

Our programs include giving employees a variety of health risk assessments and an online Personal Health Records (PHR) that can be tied to the physicians, wellness coaches, disease management programs. The use of the PHR can allow for real time interaction with providers including to schedule appointments, request prescription refills and/or ask questions.


Doctors/Care Givers


We can assist in understanding all of the changes in reimbursement including bundled payments, tele-health, remote patient monitoring and other new and evolving programs.

We can assist in the outsourcing for revenue cycle management including office management personal to handle or help with all administrative functions including coding, billing, collections, contracting, and human resources.

We also have a solution for adding a complete Telemedicine Video Conferencing System to any practice including all specialties.


Patients PHR

Personal Health Records (from Birth to Aging in Place)


We believe every person should have their own personal health records, ideally starting at pregnancy to help mothers manage their pregnancies then transition the children to pediatricians. Keeping track of immunizations, and other health records makes going through the school years much easier for parents.

Aging in Place - We also support older people to be able to grow old in their own homes or wherever this wish through the use of supporting technologies. Our knowledge and expertise include smart homes with iot services around health, safety and security.

Specific health programs can include wireless remote monitoring systems to assist in the management of chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, CHF and COPD that allow the user to have their data uploaded in real time to their physician’s EMR and to their own PHR which can be made accessible to family members and/or designated care givers.


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